About Us

The World Health Organization has listed over 40 conditions that acupuncture treats, successfully! Additionally, my practice offers Tele-Health and wellness coaching specific to issues whereby herbal remedies and supplements may be helpful. With Covid-19 our awareness of overall health is being addressed in terms of weightloss, exercise and our emotional health. I am here to help! . 

Carol Goldman, DACM, Lac., MS.

I work with my patients going through challenging times using Traditional Chinese Medicine, psychotherapy and Herbal prescriptions. Covid-19 has brought out loneliness, depression, anxiety and our worst fears. My years of experience can be trusted in knowing how to support you on your path to wellness. Evermore important is maintaining a strong immune system through diet and exercise as well as building a strong emotional support system.  I use a combination of techniques to train the body onto its natural path to recovery.

In addition to acupuncture, I bring over a decade of psychotherapy experience working with individuals recently diagnosed with a life-threatening illness, individuals living with a chronic illness, stress, trauma, life changes, depression, anxiety, relationship and work-life balance, working with the physical and emotional connection of pain and overall health.  Through the years, I have established an eclectic style of practice by using Shamanic Drumming/Journeying and Hypnosis with traditional talk therapy in addition to a full nutritional, and overall wellness check-up. 

Dr. Carol A. Goldan

I support my patients in a creative way to fit each person’s individual needs.  My work aims to help clients have a better quality of life. We work through issues of chronic pain, illness, and stress to achieve emotional and spiritual healing. By balancing the body and mind with acupuncture, herbs, and my individual style of psychotherapy, patients can feel like themselves again! My passions include Aging gracefully, creating the life you deserve, Pain management, Orthopedic Issues, Cancer support, Trauma support and Women’s health. I see patients that have unusual persistent life limiting symptoms and they come to me as a last resort. Together in our sleuth work I help to bring my patients back into the life they want to live!

I hold a Doctorate degree in Acupuncture and Chinese medicine (DACM) from The Pacific College of Oriental Medicine, NY. and Master's degree in Clinical Psychology. I am nationally certified through NCCAOM, the national acupuncture governing body as well as holding an Oriental medicine license through the Pennsylvania medical board.

I also teach at the Won Institute for Master's and Doctoral Acupuncture and Chinese medicine students.

I have completed professional training in Shamanic Journeying (hypnosis), and Facial Acupuncture Certification, as well as many CEU trainings as required to maintain my licensure.